translation and interpreting Services -
SC GROUP & C. servizi di traduzione ed interpretariato in tutte le lingue. Traduzioni legali, tecniche, finanziarie, asseverate e legalizzate.
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SC GROUP & C. s.r.l.

translation and interpreting services

a service company with all the typical values, advantages and accuracy of a professional studio

Years of specialized experience in the translation and interpreting business have made SC Group & C. a company that has fostered a cross-cultural aptitude, being knowledgeable and respectful of the linguistic, social and economic individualities of the market.

Thanks to a dialogue with National and International Institutions, these tools and abilities are fully reflected in the area dedicated to Internationalization processes, designed for companies operating on the global market.



Europe and the Mediterranean, the East and the West, the whole world is familiar to us and we deal with it on a daily basis.


Offers organizational and secretarial services plus auxiliary personnel for trade shows and conferences with an excellent knowledge of one or more foreign languages.

Consular services

Visas and document legalization at Consulates - SC Group & C. supports all clients in their need to move people and goods around the world.

Audio and Video Transcription

A transcription service that creates a text file from audio or video content of all kinds and from any type of format.

Translation of video subtitles

The translation of either existing subtitles, or their creation, and subsequent impression onto the video

Hostess & Promoters

Hostess, stand representatives, receptionists and assistants with an excellent knowledge of one or more foreign languages

Send the document you need to have translated and one of our staff will contact you.