Consular Services -
SC GROUP & C. servizi di traduzione ed interpretariato in tutte le lingue. Traduzioni legali, tecniche, finanziarie, asseverate e legalizzate.
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Consular Services

throughout the world, starting with Italy

Visas and legalization of documents at the Consulates – SC Group & C. supports all Clients in their needs to move people and goods around the world. This business sector concerns tourism, working relationships and trading goods and services, as well as Corporate Partnerships on international markets.

Our tried and tested expertise

Thanks to a long and well tested relationship with the Institutions, SC Group & C. guarantees essential support starting with the document preparation phase, as the company possess a thorough knowledge of the type and quantity of the documents required for each procedure. For Consular Services, SC Group & C. has a specific internal organization which is constantly updated.

Knowledge, timing, effectiveness

SC Group & C. offers an efficient service, the necessary link for creating a logistic affinity between Companies, Consulates and Institutions. Completing the required documents at every single stage results in optimal timings and procedures


Granting visas: many types of service

In many cases, travelling to a foreign place demands a visa, which is granted at the various relevant Consulates: Single or multiple visas, of various types and for different purposes, such as leisure and study trips or work activities. Each case is different and requires specific document procedures and timings. Thanks to its tried and tested relationship with the Consulates and the Public Institutions in Milan, SC Group & C. knows and takes care of the entire visa application process with the utmost expertise.

Legalization: when and why

Legalization at the Consulates is necessary in order for many documents, which were issued in Italy and possibly were also legalized by the Italian Authorities, to be legally valid in various Countries: corporate, personal data or health documents and educational qualifications must all be submitted for legalization in order to embark upon private or professional undertakings abroad.


In the EXPORT sector

• Invoices
• Certificates of origin
• Contracts
• Technical specification sheets

In the LEGAL sector

• Judgments
• Legal documents

In the PRIVATE sector

(Study – residence – temporary work)

• Educational qualifications
• Personal data certificates
• Health certificates
• Certificates issued by the Roman Curia