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SC GROUP & C. servizi di traduzione ed interpretariato in tutte le lingue. Traduzioni legali, tecniche, finanziarie, asseverate e legalizzate.
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The quote for the translation of a document in whatever language is required is prepared on the basis of a standard “translation page” corresponding to 1500 characters – spaces included, equal to 25 typewritten rows or approximately 250 words.

When a request is received for a quote to translate a document, in order to work as precisely as possible, the Project Manager views the document and proceeds to calculate the number of “translation pages”.

Having said that, clearly the conformity between the actual page and the “translation page” may vary in each case; therefore, the calculation for the invoice will be made on the final document, that is the document which has been translated into the required final language.

Moreover, in order for the client to receive the quote with the calculation of the “translation pages” promptly and in the shortest time possible, it is best if the Project Manager receives the document that needs translating in Word format.

However, we are also able to work with the following formats: Pdf, Excel, Power Point, Jpeg, InDesign, etc.

Send the document you need to have translated and one of our staff will contact you.