SC GROUP & C. servizi di traduzione ed interpretariato in tutte le lingue. Traduzioni legali, tecniche, finanziarie, asseverate e legalizzate.
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We provide a subtitle translation service which involves the translation of subtitles and their subsequent impression on a video format.

Unlike dubbing or voiceover, a subtitle is a written text which appears at the bottom of the screen. When its aim is to make the audience understand the audiovisual content, produced in a foreign language, it is called an inter-linguistic subtitle.

In a more and more globalized world, where companies distribute commercial and educational content to an International audience through film and video clips, subtitles and the translation of subtitles become very important as effective communication tools, and can also be accomplished in a shorter period of time and at cheaper costs in comparison to dubbing.

Thanks to our expert mother tongue translators, to our qualified technicians and to advanced software specific for subtitles, we provide our clients with subtitle translation services which consist of two phases: the first phase involves translating the subtitles (if they already exist, otherwise they need to be written first) and the second phase involves then impressing them on the video.

It is a complex job, which requires experience in creating the technical part of the video.

Also, the translators must know in detail the peculiarities of this type of text, which requires a specific translation technique for the subtitles. Just consider, for example, the need to structure the sentences so that they fit into the space on the screen and follow the lip movements as much as possible.

Only in this way is it possible to create concise subtitles that are well synchronized with the image, making them natural and smooth for the viewer to read while conveying the spoken text in an effective way.